Memories of Hockey in Kollam District commence from pro-independence era. Anglo-Indians resided in Tangasseri introduced Hockey in Kollam. Their British ancestors of Anglo Indians played Hockey Tangasseri Infant Jesus Anglo Indian High School Playground. Later after British left India in 1947, the Anglo-Indians remained in Tangasseri continued promoting Hockey in their area. Tangasseri is known as the home of Hockey in Kollam. The students of this School, later as a part of their higher education joined several Colleges in Kollam and spread this game. Subsequently several Schools and Clubs were formed and District Championships and State Championships were held since 1959 under State and District Hockey Associations.

Kollam was the venue of several State and National level Tournaments. To name some are:

1.National Games 2015
2.Hockey India Junior Women Nationals in 2019
3.Hockey India Senior Women Nationals in 2020


New Hockey Stadium is the only Hockey Stadium in the State with all amenities to conduct National Level Hockey Championships. The Stadium was built in connection with 35th National Games in 2015. Kollam is one of the major Hockey playing District in Kerala which regularly host State Championships and Magnum Champions Trophy and District Championships annually.


Kollam have numerous hockey players from school level to senior level who are registered to District Hockey Association and also have a Master Hockey Committee to support and promote Hockey activities.

Padmasree Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medallist P R Sreejesh was a former Student of S N College, Kollam. Besides this several National and State Players are there. Some Players had also played in foreign Hockey leagues from Kollam. Mr Ravi Varma C S, a native of Kollam who is employed as a Hockey Coach with Kerala State Sports Council was with Junior India Hockey team as Goalkeeper Coach from 2005 to 2011.